‘I Am A Survivor’ a short film documentary that is a candid, haunting and powerful account of six survivors of sexual assault speaking out in their own words. They reveal the effects the abuse has on trust, family, relationship and their souls. Poignant, troubling, inspiring and amazing their stories mesmerize the viewer.
Written and Directed By Bruce Temuchin Brown
Photographer Bruce Temuchin Brown depicts various aspects of the human condition using silver halide on copper plate. The series Paradoxon / CU 29 is evocatively familiar yet pleasingly disturbing.

Recently Bruce’s portrait of Rene di Rosa form series Paradoxes / CU 29 was featured as one of 30 works, spanning the 19th to 21st century, depicting the artistic evolution of photography in the exhibition, Brought to Light: Masterworks of Photography from the Crocker Art Museum, the first of its kind in more than a decade. Visit www.brucetemuchinbrown.com to view some of Bruce's award winning fine art photography depicting various aspects of the human condition.
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